Automatic motion and path planning software development kit

KineoWorksTM is a core software component dedicated to motion planning which enables "automatic motion" of any mechanical system or virtual artifact in a 3D environment, ensuring collision avoidance and respecting kinematics constraints.

KineoWorksTM architecture is specially designed for easy integration into any host application in only a few days.

As a software editor, do you want to stay focused on your core technical expertise, to provide your customers with the best path planning capabilities, to maximize the revenue generated by your installed customer base and to win new customers with market-leading solutions? If yes, integrate KineoWorksTM and benefit from a legacy of a hundred men per year R&D work.

"We chose KineoWorksTM as the path planner to be integrated within our commercial solutions eM-Workplace and eM-Assembler because of its performance, flexibility and ease of configuration. The first robotics application addresses spot welding processes by automatically creating the trajectories between each welding points" B. Hoessler, Robotic Product Director, UGS - Tecnomatix®.

As a software developer or provider, you develop and market specific software solutions. You are looking for a flexible and performing technology for solving complex automation or circulation challenges. KineoWorksTM in its Rigid body configuration or its Articulated system configuration is an universal technology for developing a customized application.
Our Consulting department can support your project through consulting and on-site technical assistance.

Main features

  • Ready to be integrated
  • Standard APIs for path planning
  • Large number of DOF capability
  • Kineo Collision Detector
  • Static & dynamic penetration
  • User collision detector
  • Path optimizer
  • C++ portable code
  • In-house software application
  • Commercial software application
  • Worldwide benchmark

To learn more about KineoWorksTM, download the Product Overview.