KCD Kineo Collision Detector

KCD is a state-of-the-art collision detector. It works with a hierarchical architecture of heterogeneous data types, based on composite design pattern.

Watch the KCD presentation movie.

Advantages of KCD are:

  • High Performance Collision Checking
  • KCD performs different types of analyses :
    • Boolean collision test
    • Exhaustive collision test
    • Estimated distance computation
    • Exact distance computation
  • KCD is optimized for polyhedral geometry
    • Offers an interface to external polyhedral geometry data
  • KCD can be extended to handle different data types
  • KCD optimizes memory consumption
  • KCD is multi-threaded and fully leverages multi-core systems
  • KCD is thread-safe

“It was important for us to rely on a collision detection which is both fast and robust” explains Eric Auschitzky, Nuclear BU Director. “We did a careful comparison of available options and selected KCD. KCD is the high efficiency collision detection solution from Kineo CAM. It comes as a software library, which allows an easy integration through its C++ programming API."  [Read More]


KCD-Dynamic™ is a fully featured software component that integrates collision detection for moving systems into a single software library. Features include the following:

  • High performance collision detection library allowing for real time user interaction
  • Complete kinematic chain and constraints description to describe any kind of system and its motion
  • Integrated collision testing along a trajectory
  • Detection of upcoming collision
  • Clearance and proximity computation

KCD-Dynamic™ inherits the computational excellence and reduced memory footprint of the static collision detector KCD™, which makes it an ideal solution to develop software applications such as:

  • Collision avoidance systems for robots able to prevent damage by stopping the motion before interferences happen
  • Plotting and documenting minimal distances between moving bodies and specific parts of the scene
  • Quickly identify any bottleneck during assembly or servicing operations
  • Interactively create a trajectory that is guaranteed to be continuously collision-free
  • Visualize intersections and penetration depth in case of collisions
  • Make remote control easier and safer.

The software product, KCD-Dynamic™ is available as a C++ software library for an easy integration in third party software applications.

KCD for Point Cloud™

KCD for Point Cloud™ is the first commercial software component that integrates collision detection for point cloud. There is no need to reconstruct the polyhedrons. The collision detector directly handles the heavy dataset from laser scans or vision systems.

Built as an addon on KCD™, KCD for Point Cloud™ benefits from its excellent memory consumption. Without any initialisation phase, the user can query collision detection and proximities between two point clouds or between one point cloud and one polyhedrons.

KCD for Point Cloud™ is a C++ library suitable for fluid interactive collision avoidance. It can also be used with KineoWorks™ to automatically find collision free trajectory for a system in a point cloud environment.